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Corporate / History


Established in 1992, Sanko Pazarlama's mission is to market textile products of Sanko Group in domestic and foreign markets and to become a leader in the sector.

Sanko Pazarlama strengthened the position of Sanko Group in both domestic and foreign markets. Sanko Pazarlama was offered to public in 2000 by a professional and very successful IPO.

With a wide product range including varieties of cotton yarn, knitted, woven and printed fabrics, continuosly being developed, we meet the customer demand.

Sanko Pazarlama also guides the R&D activities of the Group's textile companies by providing timely information on customer needs.

As with its partners, customers, employees alike the company has established an environment of honesty and trust in concert with technology to provide quality goods and services.

With a strong financial structure and professional management, Sanko Pazarlama has always been ahead of its competitors and preferred by international customers.

Searching for new markets, Sanko Pazarlama increases its productivity and efficiency in- synchronization with its customers.